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Terms of Service

It is important that you read these terms and conditions carefully before using the Ultimate Rides application.
This license agreement is a legal agreement between you(“You”, “Your” or “Yourself”) and Atomic Rabbit Limited (“We” or “Us”).

  1. Data Collection
    1. You agree that We may collect anonymous data for the purposes of improvement of the application. This includes but is not limited to information about Your device, software and peripherals. We may use this information as long as it does not personally identify you. We may share this data with third parties with the aim of improving the application and the map data contained therein.
  2. Warranty
    1. We make no warranties beyond those required by applicable law.
    2. You accept the entire risk when using this application. Safe use of this application is at Your sole responsibility.
    3. It is Your responsibility to ensure that this application meets Your needs.
    4. You acknowledge that this application may not be bug or error free. You agree that errors shall not constitute a breach of this license.
    5. Location data provided by this application is for basic navigation purposes only. It should not be relied upon in safety or life critical situations. The data provided may be incomplete, and you accept that it is Your responsibility to ensure the safety of Yourself and others. You accept all responsibility for any situations arising from the user of this application including, but not limited to injury, death, property damage or environmental damage.
  3. Liability
    1. Neither We nor You shall be liable to each other whether in contract, tort (including negligence), restitution, statutory duty, misrepresentation, or otherwise for any:
      1. Injury or loss of limbs
      2. Loss of life
      3. Loss of or damage to property
      4. Loss of income
      5. Loss of business profits or contracts
      6. Loss of money
      7. Loss of information
      8. Loss of opportunity, reputation or goodwill
      9. Any indirect or consequential loss or damage of any kind
  4. Termination.
    1. We reserve the right to terminate this license with you if:
      1. You commit a breach of this license.
      2. We choose to no longer provide the licensed application.
    2. You may choose to terminate this license by deleting the Licensed application.
    3. Upon termination for any reason:
      1. All rights granted to you, either under this license or implicitly, shall cease.
      2. You must cease all activities authorised by this license.
  5. Notices
    1. Notices given to Us by You must be provided to dispute@atomicrabb.it.
  6. Events outside our control
    1. We will not be liable in any way for any Force Majeure events outside our control. These include, but are not limited to:
      1. Strikes or industrial action
      2. Riots, invasions or terrorist attacks
      3. Fires, explosions, storms, earthquakes, subsidence, epidemic or any other natural disaster.
      4. Inability to make use of public or private transport including, but not limited to:
        1. Railways
        2. Shipping
        3. Aircraft
        4. Motorcycles
        5. Motor vehicles
      5. Inability to make use of public or private communications networks.
  7. Severability
    1. If any of the terms of this license are determined to be invalid or unlawful to any extent, the remaining clauses of this license shall continue to be valid to the fullest extent permissible by law.
  8. Third party rights
    1. No third shall have any rights to enforce any of the terms of this license.
  9. Law and jurisdiction
    1. This license shall be governed and construed in accordance with Scottish law and submitted to the jurisdiction of the Scottish legal system and courts.

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